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“Baijiu🎙Talk” 【Live Broadcast · Drink the Best Wine, Tell the Realest Words】Ep 3

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“Baijiu🎙Talk” 【Live Broadcast · Drink the Best Wine, Tell the Realest Words】Ep 2

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“Baijiu🎙Talk” 【Live Broadcast · Drink the Best Wine, Tell the Realest Words】Ep 1

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Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd has gotten 10726 masks

✨Let Moutai Prosper Together With China, Let Moutai’s Flavour Spread All Over The World ✨ Kweichow Moutai Overseas Distributors Convention 2019


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2019 Wuliangye Xiangqi Competition

Celebrating China’s 70th National Day with China Baijiu and Crayfish

2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Dinner

Celebrating World Baijiu Day and Singapore 54th National Day

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“Feitian Ambassador Award” from the Kweichow Moutai Overseas Distributors Convention

Company received the “Operational Excellent Award” from China Wuliangye






Charles Oon
The Founder & Consultant of Chinese Baijiu Association ( Singapore )

Singapore Kwangtung Hui Kuan
be awarded Honorary President (left)

Singapore Xiangqi General Association
be awarded Life Honorary President (right)

Moutai Shop 

Wuliangye Shop

GJ 1573 shop open poster

National Cellar 1573 meets Whiskey in Singapore!

Dream Team 1st Anniversary Round Island Marathon sponsored by National Cellar 1573

Award ceremony for Women Entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia
CLSA China Baijiu Tasting Session
2019 Classical Guojiao Variety Night
Attention! April’s notice!
The 4th 2019 Global Universities Alumni Scholar Cup Golf Tournament
March - Lucky Media’s Book Launch
China Baijiu spent a happy Chinese New Year with the respective associations 2
2019 China Baijiu Chinese New Year’s Gala Dinner
2019 Wuliangye Overseas Distributors Sharing Seminar

Source: cn.exchange-rates.org

Multiple baijiu brands had a decrease in sales
for the past 8 months except for Sichuan

Published:  8-10-2019 By Baijiw)

Latest consumption tax changes have affected
the liquor industry to increase the amount
of tax or over 30 billion

Published:  8-10-2019 By Baijiw)

“1st October Festive Holiday”
China baijiu is selling fast online

Published:  8-10-2019 By Baijiw)

Yet another Moutai town baijiu enters Hunan’s
market, introducing 1.5kg jar

Published:  23-09-2019 By Baijiw)

Jian Nan Chun the soul of a thousand year baijiu spirit.
Published:  13-10-2017 By China Wine News)

The "golden consumption period" is the most profitable season for baijiu in the China market.
Published:  06-10-2017 By Jia Niang Wang)

The secret of "weight loss" behind the competition between the baijiu enterprises.
Published:  30-09-2017 By Jia Niang Wang)
Published:  01-09-2017 By  Hexun.com)

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