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( For the convenience of the viewers in China, the following videos have been uploaded on YouKu and QQ. 
We seek the understanding from the Singapore viewers because the video clips might take a while to load.)


Harvest Seafood Restaurant                                      Wangdaye BBQ                                 
天丰海鲜             叶老板                                      王大爷烧烤             付大厨                                    

Le Garden Seafood Restaurant                       Shi De Ji                     
乐苑海鲜蒸尚坊                                                   食得记  丁老板

YU PIN Mr Wang                                                   Da Miao Hot pot 
御品蒸海鲜老板 王先生                                                大妙火锅 龙店长

Fu Lin Men Mr Jiang                                                    U Pin Hotpot
福临门 餐馆老板 江先生                                                餐馆老板   杨柳燕 

 Mr Richard Zhang                                                      Happy Seafood Village
Owner of Rong Heng Seafood                                  笑哈哈海鲜餐馆   邱先生
 荣兴海鲜酒楼老板   张先生                            


Mr Kenny Lim Operation Manager of Club J'wel
 金币辉煌经理 Kenny Lim
Mr Huang Cheng Gui owner of Xiao Yu Cung
 小渔村老板 黄成贵先生


Chef Zhang Lei of Nan Jing Resturant
 南京酒楼掌厨 张雷
Mr Yao Bin Manager of Xie Lao Song
 蟹老宋总经理 姚斌 


Mr Yuan Oeiji of Empress
Chef Huang Ching Biao of Jin Shan Lou

Mr Alden Gan & Chef of Peach Blossoms                         Chinese Swimming Club
   鸿桃轩餐厅经理 颜亨水 & 鸿桃轩掌厨                                           中华游泳会

Moutai & Health
I'm a Moutai person

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The Founder & Consultant of Chinese Baijiu Association ( Singapore )



Jay Chou concert tickets for our loyal moutai customers

High-end baijiu has started to raise prices across-the-board!

Mr Kang Yong Jun’s is looking forward to see the market of Wuliangye in Singapore.

Jay Chou concert tickets for our loyal Moutai customers

Let's give our ears to Mr Wang Hongbo from Lu Zhou Lao Jiao

We are back home! From the journey to the origin of Moutai baijiu

What to expect in Singapore during the Hari Raya season ?

Thank your for your continuous support

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How to differentiate the type of Baijiu

Does Baijiu really don't have shelf time?
Ancient drinking games in China
Remember to tap your fingers on the table while your baijiu glass is being refilled 
Yibin - Hometown of Wuliangye
Ancient poets love to drink baijiu
In Chinese poems does Baijiu has other references?
Lantern festival & Valentine's day promotion!

Source: cn.exchange-rates.org

Jian Nan Chun the soul of a thousand year baijiu spirit.
Published:  13-10-2017 By China Wine News)

The "golden consumption period" is the most profitable season for baijiu in the China market.
Published:  06-10-2017 By Jia Niang Wang)

The secret of "weight loss" behind the competition between the baijiu enterprises.
Published:  30-09-2017 By Jia Niang Wang)
Published:  01-09-2017 By  Hexun.com)
(Published: 18-08-2017 Source From: 中国酒业新闻网)
(Published: 11-08-2017 Source From: 中国酒业新闻网)
(Published: 17-07-2017 Source From: 云酒网)
(Published: 10-07-2017 Source From: 中国酒业新闻网)
(Published: 03-07-2017 Source From: 中国酒业新闻网)
(Published: 12-06-2017 Source From: 中国酒业新闻网)
(Published: 06-06-2017 Source From: 证券时报)

(Published: 05-06-2017 Source From: 中国酒业新闻网)
(Published: 29-05-2017 Source From: 中国酒业新闻网)
(Published: 22-05-2017 Source From: 中国酒业新闻网)
(Published: 30-03-2017 Source From: 中国白酒网)

(Published: 20-03-2017 Source From: 五粮液)
(Published: 06-03-2017 Source From: 茅台集团)

Luzhou Lao Jiao Stakeholder Private Limited helping Tian Villiage
(Published: 28-02-2017 Source From: 泸州老窖)

Wang Hongbo, secretary of Luzhou Laojiao CEO, gave a interpretation on the price adjustment of baijiu
 (Published: 13-02-2017 Source From: 中国白酒网)

Yang He 'Menglan' debut in China-America Appreciation Dinner
 (Published: 6-02-2017 Source From: 中国白酒网)

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