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With globalization, the Chinese baijiu has immigrated to Singapore and has settled down despite initial obstacles and resistance from the domestic liquor drinking community . The awareness of the unique and legendary Chinese traditional baijiu actually need no introduction. Today there are already plenty of people, outside of China, drinking the Chinese baijiu today. It is affectionately known as “the firewater” because of its characteristic water-like appearance but it packs a surprise punch due to its high alcoholic contents. There is little knowledge of the brewing or fermentation techniques, the histories and cultures of the Chinese baijiu. However, Mr. Charles Oon, the founder of the Chinese Baijiu Association ( Singapore ) has predicted and foreseen that the various Chinese baijiu and its signatory brandings will flow to our shores. 

Since 2004, Mr. Charles Oon has been passionately involved in the marketing of the Moutai branding in Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. Amazingly in 2005 with a broken Achilles tendon on his right leg, he even limped all the way to Uruguay to market the Moutai branding; it took him almost two and half years to sell one container of Moutai. 

With his continuous efforts to market the Chinese baijiu to the sophisticated consumers in Singapore & its neighboring countries, in May 2011 he turned his pioneering efforts into reality by successfully establishing the Chinese Baijiu Association ( Singapore ) or affectionately known as CBAS. 

The establishment of  the Chinese Baijiu Association ( Singapore ) will be a prominent milestone in the Food & Beverage industries. It has already attracted many members from various professional backgrounds and it has also been invited to become a member of other established associations in Singapore and overseas.
The principles and goals of Chinese Baijiu Associations ( Singapore ) are :
  1. To continue its efforts to introduce and promote the culture of the Chinese baijiu in Singapore.
  2. To serve the more than 700,000 China residents and working professionals in Singapore.
  3. To introduce more high quality Chinese baijiu with interesting history and liquor culture into Singapore.
  4. To discourage inferior Chinese baijiu from flowing into Singapore and to prevent adulterated and fake branded Chinese baijiu from being sold in Singapore.
  5. To support the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs and the Singapore Police in their -- “Don't Drive to Drink" PR Campaign.
  6. As  a member of the Chinese community, the Association will actively participate in meaningful philanthropic activities and shall try to provide assistance to needy families.

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