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澳门俱乐部 - 茅台之夜

(This is in Youtube verison because the Youku version is not approved in China)


皇亭一号 - 茅台之夜

(This is in Youtube verison because the Youku version is not approved in China)


富豪俱乐部 - 茅台之夜


Ms. Liu Yin
General Manager of Club De Bosses
Club De Bosses
Moutai Night performance 

(This is in Youtube verison because the Youku version is not approved in China)

Club De Bosses, a newly established club in February 2013, is located at 195 Lavender Street, #02-08, Eminent Plaza. Able to accommodate up to 100 people, the club’s lounge holds a glassy stage, a bar and a pool-table. There are three VIP rooms with individual sound systems for customers who would like to host small parties with privacy and the largest can accommodate up to 30 people.

Ms. Liu Ying, the General Manager of Club De Bosses mentioned that there will be events and performances meticulously planned every month, with different themes and varieties. She proudly mentioned that they have a total of 18 beautiful performers whom are specially selected to bring the best performances to the audiences.

Together with Singapore Moutai Baijiu Pte Ltd and Chinese Baijiu Association, Club De Bosses launched a successful event – “Moutai Variety Night” on 28 of June. This was the sixth “Moutai Variety Night” organised by the Singapore Moutai Baijiu Pte Ltd and Chinese Baijiu Association in conjunction with their partners since last year. On the “Moutai Variety Night” itself, not only were there fascinating performances and beautiful songs, there were also games and sweepstakes with attractive gifts and prizes that had been given away.

Ms. Liu Ying, the General Manager of Club De Bosses said that they not only carry Moutai baijiu, but there are also other well-known baijiu like WuLiangYe, Jian Nan Chun, Du Kang, Wen Jun and Lu Zhou in the club. 

翡翠明珠 - 茅台之夜

Mr. Derek Toh
Assistant General Manager of Club Jade

Club Jade
     Moutai Night performance 

(This is in Youtube verison because the Youku version is not approved in China)

Located on the 6th floor of Peace Centre along Sophia Road, Club Jade has a total area of more than 20,000 square feet. There are 44 VIP rooms and a large lounge hall with another 10 comfortable long seat sofas and tables. There is a distinct but magnificent stage capable of hosting and organising top class dance and singing performances. There are 19 talented China performers in Club Jade. Some of the performers even have skills in playing the zither, the saxophone and other musical instruments.

Mr. Derek, the Assistant General Manager, is proud of his Club that it is uniquely different from the other entertainment outlets in Singapore. He pointed out that the eye-catching and casual decoration concept in Club Jade was carefully put together from a survey reference of some leading night entertainment establishments in China. He further added that the key factors are comfort and enjoyment. As a result, Club Jade has positioned itself as an "inexpensive & high quality enjoyment" establishment.

Club Jade has excellent lighting effects and superior audio equipment. Even the lounge hall has a computerised lighting system. On the 29th November 2012, Club Jade will be organising a variety show aptly called – “ The Coming of China Ethical Groups – Moutai Variety Night “. This entertaining performance was orchestrated to coincide with Club Jade’s keen interest to promote Kweichow Moutai baijiu. The Assistant General Manager, Mr. Derek pointed out that as Moutai baijiu is the national wine of China, the 29th November show will focus on the songs and dance cultures from the China's minority groups such as the Tibetan, the Dai and even the Mongolian. Club Jade will also provide a skit called "Wu Song Da Hu", a popular folklore that depicts Wu Song as a village drunkard whom later became the village hero when he had courageously eliminated a man-eating tiger with his bare fists.

Besides Moutai baijiu, Club Jade also has other popular China baijiu; brands such as Wenjun 52%, Jian Nan Chun 52%, Guojiao 1573, WuLiangYe 55% and Shui Jing Fang 52%, just to name a few. Mr. Derek said that Singaporeans accustomed to drink western liquor, wine and beer because they are ignorant of the popular China baijiu. He further add that the local penders do not have a clear understanding of what China baijiu is about. He felt that their chief misconception is that the China baijiu taste very spicy and its potent alcoholic contents will result instant dizziness. Mr. Derek felt that with increasing immigrants from China residing in Singapore for professional and personal reasons, this is the right time to promote the China baijiu in Singapore. Although it will happen gradually but with the passage of time, the China baijiu will establish its foothold on this island.

Club Jade has designed an incentive program whereby it provide discounts to the members of the Chinese Baijiu Association (Singapore) when they visit and spend at the Club. 

豪门俱乐部 - 茅台之夜

Mr. Lim Teck Huat
General Manager of Club Imperial

Club Imperial
Moutai Night performance 

(This is in Youtube verison because the Youku version not approved in China)

Upon entering through a glass door on the fifth floor of Sultan Plaza, we arrived at the Club Imperial. It has been barely half year since it opened its doors to the public on 23rd July this year. The decorations still look new and its atmosphere pleases the guests in no time. Mr. Ling Teck Huat, the General Manager of Club Imperial, revealed that his boss had the entire decoration set-up and furnishings imported back from China. 

Club Imperial consists of two areas; the main hall and VIP rooms. Although the front glass door was modestly set-up, the ambience created by the sight of the main hall gives the visitors instant soothing pleasure. There are 15 tables spread across the hall allowing the visitors and their guests to enjoy the show performance from any angle in the main hall. In addition to the crystal stage and the shining ornaments hanging around, the deep crimson velvet sofas guaranteed an high-quality rest. The VIP area, which can also be booked for private functions even though it is separated from the main hall, it still provides a great view of the performing stage. 

Special choreographed song and dance performances attract many visitors. Mr. Ling revealed that the show performances are the club's key attractions and he pay compliments to the talented singers. Most of these performers are graduates and majoring in performing arts like singing and dancing. Some of them even had performed on China’s most famous stage - CCTV!

On 18th October 2012, all these performers put up a credible performance during the "Kweichow Moutai Big Star Show", sponsored by the Singapore Moutai Baijiu company. 

Mr. Ling mentioned that there is a rising number of Singaporeans starting to drink baijiu. He noted that people who stay in the tropics would usually take less baijiu due to the high humidity in the climate. However, Mr. Ling observed that some baijiu brands, such as Kweichow Moutai baijiu, has gradually captured their attention. Working professionals from China in Singapore and the Singaporean businessmen who entertained their China guests have all started to order China baijiu in his club. Speaking in jest, Mr. Ling remarked that Club Imperial is glad that they are able to provide this group of consumers -  a pleasing "Chinese hometown" atmosphere.

东门俱乐部 - 茅台之夜

Mr. Peter Yeo
Manager of Club De Zara

Club De Zara
Moutai Night performance 
(This is in Youtube verison because the Youku version is not approved in China)

ZARA de Club, located in Textile Center at Jalan Sultan, has opened for business for more than 3 years. The General Manager of ZARA de Club, Mr. Peter Yeo, showed us around the fabulous environment of the club and also introduced the excellent services that the club provides.

Open for 7 days a week, ZARA presents an interesting spectrum of entertainment; ranging from karaoke rooms, themed parties, performances and dances from singers signed up from as far as China. ZARA offers 42 karaoke rooms which could meet most of the consumers’ needs; varies from being just a couple of friends singing to their favourite songs or even to larger groups whom plan to organise birthday parties.

The prices in ZARA are very affordable; the blue collar or the white collar customers will thoroughly enjoy themselves. The amicable environment in ZARA warm you up in no time and you will be accorded with the friendly hospitality regardless of your expenses. Interestingly ZARA exotic atmosphere has a slew of Roman rilievo. A warm surprise awaits you, enjoy the mesmerizing experience of its bluish violet ambience and enjoy the different performances provided by the 15 talented singers. Usually the guests are attracted to the performers for their versatile skills and high level of disciplined professionalism. Some of them are good at pop dancing while some can sing very well. The performances are well choreographed and revolves around special themes such as “In Memory of Denglijun” or ”Back into Ancient Times”. 

In his efforts to make ZARA a top attraction, Peter mentioned that he considering bringing in more singers and performers from all parts of the world. He recognised that the night entertainment market is fragmented with many choices for the consumer. However, with excellent hospitality, friendly and warm service, reasonable prices and finally top quality entertainment, Peter is confident that ZARA is still the top notch choice for the consumers.

Peter mentioned that ZARA also has a wide range of China baijiu. In line with the China retail tsunami, ZARA also has seen a steady increase of customers from China. Baijiu is the natural choice for the China spenders when they are entertaining back in China. It is no different in Singapore too. ZARA carries the famous Moutai 53% which has become a favourite among the Chinese customers. Other China baijiu which ZARA also carries are Jian Nan Chun 52%, Wuliangye 55%, Guojiao 1573 52% and Shui Jin Fan 52%. Peter pointed out that nowadays visitors from China have increased in numbers, he already has plans to roll out customised promotions for this category kind of guests. 

“Always strive for the best,” he said. A theme party called “Moutai Mid-Autumn Night” would be held at the end of this month (Sep, 2012) and he urges everyone whom are capable of having fun to join them at ZARA and it will certainly be a wonderful evening that exceeds your expectations.  

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